What this manual contains

This user manual is divided into eight chapters as follows:

1. Introduction
This introductory chapter.
2. Building and Installing Tao
Instructions on where to obtain the Tao distribution and how to build and install it.
3. Conceptual Overview
Introduces the main concepts which should be understood before attempting to use Tao.
4. Getting Started
Skips the details and goes straight to a practical example session using Tao.
5. Tao's User Interface
5. Tao's Synthesis Language in Detail
Gives a detailed description of the synthesis language provided.
6. Object Method Reference
A detailed reference for all of Tao's classes which are available within the synthesis language.
7. Tutorial
Gives lots of example scripts describing what they do and how.
8. Closing Comments
General comments about the current state of Tao and areas for future development.

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