Object Method Reference

What follows in this section is a detailed description of all the methods which are provided by the various object classes. The syntax of each method is given, together with a description of its arguments, purpose and function. The vast majority of methods occur with the following generic syntax:

    object.method(<arg1>,<arg2> .. <argn>);

where object would be the name of an actual instrument, device or other object and method the name of an actual method.

However some of the most commonly accessed methods such as generating an access point from an instrument name and a pair of coordinates have a simpler syntax where the arguments are placed in parentheses immediately after the object name, i.e. there is no method name as such. For example:


In the following reference to all the object methods such methods are described merely by the arguments which are placed in between the brackets, e.g.


  • Instrument Methods grouped by Function
  • Device Methods
  • Access Point Methods
  • Pitch Methods

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